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Nancy Hill

Sorry, I just didn't know how to make it fit on a subject line.


On 6/10/2016 8:39 AM, George B wrote:

Also how about if you put more then anoing problem in the subject so we can deside if we can help instead of opening the mail and can not help



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When people describe a problem, will they please specify all programs being used when the problem occurs?  In other words, in the current case, you aren't just using Thunderbird.  You are clicking on a link, telling your browser to open a window.  The problem is very likely that you turned something on in your browser.  Since you don't specify your browser, we don't know if we are giving the correct information to stop the problem.



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Subject: [TechTalk] Annoying problem


Hi All,

I don't remember what started this situation, but I would dearly love to
put an end to it.

I am using win 7, jaws 16, Thunderbird email client.  To my knowledge
nothing has been recently updated.

The situation: I get a Free Books newsletter just about every day.  It 
allows me to connect to Amazon to then choose and buy the book.  After I
use the link on the email, before it connects me to Amazon, it seems
like something else must show up on the screen and is read.  It says:
History tree view, Today and closed.  I want to stop this interim item
that shows up and is read.  I must have done something to make this
actually present itself to be read, but I don't like it and want to know
how to get it settled back into the silence.

After 'history tree view, today closed is read, the link continues on to
Amazon where I transact as normal.

This happens with each link I click on, always on the way to the
destination of the link.  It is not limited to links to Amazon.

I would dearly appreciate any advice, suggestions, etc you could provide
to help me get back to normal.

     Many Thanks,


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