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No, he said that he was going to step down. I wonder, did he not step down yet, and was going to?

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Date: Monday, 31 August 2015 8:50 am
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Hi Walter,

I stand to be corrected on this.

Michael was and is the owner.
He handed over moderation to two individuals.
An owner of an email list can appoint moderators to help them run the list.
Once he saw what was happening with the moderators he took back full
He may appoint moderators in the future or may just go solo as he has done.

On 31-August-2015 17:46, Walter Ramage wrote:

Hi to all . Can somebody explain to me how it works. Michael Capelle
handed over ownership and responsibility to two individuals. I assume
then that they were the owners. How is it that he could just take
ownership back. If the two who were involved changed passwords (and I
don't know if they did that) how could mike then take back ownership?
It is kinda like me handing over my Send Space account to somebody
else and if they change the password etc then how could I take it
back. I know there must be a straightforward answer but the whole
thing sounds a bit bizarre to me. I'm merely curious as I've never
owned a list before and don't know how it works. Walter.

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