Re: Is there any way to completely turnoff my laptop's display in Windows like Android or I Devices


Hello, if there are no other alternatives, I would be glad to use this method. covering the screen is also possible.

On 11/06/2016 6:38 PM, Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc. wrote:

Sachin, do you share your computer with others?  If no, consider going into the Control Panel, find Power Settings and set it to NEVER GO TO SLEEP.  This way, you can CLOSE THE LID of your laptop and use a wireless keyboard to do all you need whilst laying in bed.  This is what I do and it has worked for me.  I don't use the keyboard on my laptop directly, I just use a wireless keyboard whilst laying in bed.  Sometimes, I bring my wireless keyboard to my living room and I can through a wireless headset still work and play on my computer sitting comfortably in another room. 


One other rule I break:  I leave my computer turned on 24 hours a day, seven days a week and ONLY TURN IT OFF when I am leaving town for longer than a day or two.  In doing this, I did remove its battery since I don't need it. 




Denver, Colorado


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