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Hi Walter,

These files are probably taking up very little room on your hard drive(s),
so consider archiving these files to get them out of the way, but don't
delete them as you never know when they will come in handy when you need to
review previous purchases for whatever reason.


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Hi guys. The following figures refer to the UK, other nations may have
other rules and standards. It was the time when legally you were wise to
keep receipts and invoices for 5 years. Now for individuals the time is 1
year (banks and other institutions are expected to keep records for a bit
longer, 2 or 3 years I think). Now though with on line trade I just wonder
what the time span is. I have receipts from Amazon, utilities and a
multitude of other sources including software companies. These amount to
hundreds of files and I just wondered just how worthwhile it is keeping
them. As for software, I always keep activation keys and the purchase
receipts but for a download from Amazon, I can't imagine I need to keep that
sort of stuff for any length of time. Does anybody have any idea of how
long one should keep these things but if not, what do you do? Walter.

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