Re: Blind bargains podcast#65(Blind guy who was denied service)

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Well, Matt, for the blind, I contend that the ADA has little value!  Over the years, the Supreme Court has watered it down so bad so much so that it's almost impossible to "FIGHT" anything using ADA rules and regulations.  Even government violates the ADA with impunity; my state government is a classic example.


Look at our dollar bill; ACB won a landmark case which stipulates that blind folks should be able to identify the dollar bill without the use of an extra talking gadget.  Well, has our government done much to implement the courts' orders?  All it is doing is handing out to me the very talking gadget I don't want to use.  Imagine me trying to give change to a customer at my store and I am pulling out several $20 bills and reading them one at a time at the cash register.  I risk being robbed especially since I have to keep my cash register drawer opened for a prolonged time frame. 




Denver, Colorado


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