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IReirly are there Braille menus enside, so you wood have to run around the side anyway so you might as well put en your order

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I hope he wins the case. The restaurant will need to argue that it isn’t a reasonable accomodation to make. I’ve been refused food before at a restaurant (because I had a guide dog with me, as I was taking a bus). And there were plenty of witnesses. A pub nearby gave me a free meal when I explained about the incident, and told me I was welcome there at any time, no problem. #
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Subject: [TechTalk] Blind bargains podcast#65(Blind guy who was denied service)

Well on the blind guy that was refused service for coming thru the drive thru. This is wrong as there should be an exception in the policy! It is just that plain and simple for a Blind or visual person.  Also what happen to the manager or supervisor that night! Anyone with plain common sense would have made an exception in this manner! As JJ has said this reaches much farther than just fast food drive thru! There needs to be acception for these cases. Also I don’t know if their policy has not broken the ADA law on this . Shouldn’t the drive through be accessible as well?  They could also took his order and brought it outside to him. As well. I just see where there could have been just a little thought put in this just by the manager or supervisor at that time and would have prevented all this! So his only recourse is to sue! Not only for access and on the grounds of discrimination but hit them where it hurts and that is in the pocket book. I hope that 3 to 6 buck meal they did not sell him now cost them a million bucks . If this happen I bet they would change their policy and give training to all the staff! It is sad that we have to take this rout when a little common sense and caring for your fellow person would have went a long way! I really think he will have no problem winning this at all! JMO!

BTW: I normally a conservative that is in the middle that leans to the right on social issues but I have to lean a little more to the left on this!

Blind Bargains podcast #65 (the blind guy who was denied service)

Matt From Florida


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