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Hello, I updated Rollback Rx to the latest version& enabled fast start up, the problems came back ones again. It is time for my bug report to be submitted, since Rollback Rx is not working as expected with windows 8.1 & fast start up.

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Hello, I figured the cause of the problem, as I said when I used it in a windows7 PC everything was working fine, so my assumption was that Rollback Rx is facing issues with fast startup in windows 8.1. I disabled fast startup this morning, Rollback Rx is working as expected. I am going to update Rollback Rx to the latest version (10.4) & see what happens.

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Not true. the problem might be with the setup. If the person configured
RollBack to boot from anything other than the C drive set up as disc 0, then
this can cause the types of problems described.

One can also configure RollBack to save images to an external drive if

I have not been able to successfully create full SSD images using Image for
Windows. I gave up about 3 years ago since their tech support could do
nothing to help me, so I ran out of resources. :) The weird thing is that
the images complete. It is when I create and validate when the errors pop
up. (shrug).

I will say that back when I used RollBack, it was a dream come true because
I could tweak Windows, Microsoft office, Outlook, and any other application
with impunity since I could RollBack any damages in about 3 minutes.

Windows System restore can only revert operating system changes, RollBack RX
will actually do the same and also return your files to you.
You can also use RollBack to open any given image then reach in and grab any
file you want--system restore could never do this and won't ever.

System restore is a significantly poorer solution by any measure. :)


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We'll have to see what happens but from what you have written, it sounds as
though your computer can't do what is necessary before booting into Windows.
I'm just commenting because I find the problem interesting, not because I'm
saying I am correct about the nature of the problem.  But it sounds to me
like a hard drive problem that doesn't let Roll Back finish reverting.  I'll
add that whatever the case in this specific problem, Roll Back doesn't give
you nearly as good protection as a full system backup.  It's quick and
convenient but is vulnerable to the same kinds of problems as system
restore.  The backup is on the same hard drive.  I'm not saying not to use
such a program but if you really want to protect yourself, you need a
complete independed backup program.

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I am familiar with Rollback Rx, but I have never actually tried it.  So a
letter to their technical support sounds like a plan, but try to think of it
as more of a request for support or possible bug report, instead of a
complaint letter.

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Hi everyone, this is a complaint letter prepared for the Rollback Rx
technical support team, however I thought of discussing in this group before
submitting to Horizon DataSys.

Hello, I am encountering two main problems with Rollback Rx.

The first one is related to Rollback Rx Subsystem Console. I have chosen
this method, since windows

Has failed to fire up. I was able to launch the Console successfully by
pressing home key on the keyboard before windows starts. Then everything
went smoothly

Till the final phase, where I was asked to hit enter, after selecting the
snapshot to go ahead with the restoration process, however nothing happens.

Went through all this several times, but on the last step nothing happens.

The second problem is related with task Scheduler, although Rollback Rx is
set to create snapshots automatically daily at first boot, nothing happens
at the system start up. The software doesn’t even create snapshots before
critical system changes such as software installation & important OS update.

I have to manually create snapshots before making any critical changes to
the system. It is very annoying, if the software doesn’t work in the
background. By the way, I am experiencing all this on a HP notebook loaded
with windows8.1. Rollback Rx is one of the best software available in this
software category & I hope you can help me to solve this problem. Using
Rollback Rx v10.2.

Thanks in anticipation.

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