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Robin Frost

I have an Openbook installer  OB9.0.1696.403-ENU that I believe was released around the 7th of March 2016. One of the reasons for its roll out if memory serves was to standardize the authorization scheme making it more akin to that of JFW. I.E. you can activate and authorize online or request more codes if needed.
I also thought I had a vague memory of another update last Summer but I could be wrong. I’m sure others who might recall more accurately will chime in on that one.
I do hope that helps.

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Thank you.  I don't recall just when, but I seem to recall an Openbook Update sooner than five years ago.  But those who follow Openbook and fS far more closely will comment, I hope.. 
I don't follow such programs as closely as I used to.  I consider there to be a question as to whether frequent updates of OCR programs mean much unless important new features are added.  While I've seen improvement in Openbook's OCR over time, I haven't seen anything dramatic and it is my impression that unless dealing with difficult material, you won't see much difference in a lot of recognized material.  I doubt OCR will improve much until really new techniques are incorporated such as neural net technology which will allow the program to learn on it's own as it scans. 
It may be that what used to be FS doesn't upgrade Openbook as often as it might but I'm not convinced enough improvements would be introduced that it would matter much.
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Hi all,

Gene, as usual your posts are thought provoking and well written.

It is my personal opinion that FS hasn't upgraded OB in something like
five years.  Now, I do know that Kurzweil came out with some
improvements about a year or so back.   It appears, from my point of
View that FS is not taking too much notice of OB, that it is sort of
allowing it to sit on the shelf without too much promotion or notice
taken of it.  I may be wrong.

Thanks for explaining the differences between the OCR in Jaws and that
in OB.  I am always learning from this list.  Hopefully I'm becoming
less parochial.

Ann P.

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> Why does Openbook need to be upgraded? What significant improvements
> have been made in the last year or two in OCR? My recollection is that
> there was an upgrade to Openbook at some point in the last year. I
> recall reading that it made recognition better when using a camera to
> get an image of something cylindrical such as a bottle.
> I'm not sure what else may have been added or improved.
> Also, you give no source for your statement. Is that just your opinion?
> Adding OCR to JAWS, impirically, has nothing to do with Openbook. They
> are entirely different programs. I've been able to use openbook to
> recognize image documents for years.
> If you are saying that JAWS has that feature because Openbook doesn't,
> that is incorrect.
> Also, you can't use JAWS to scan in text and have it recognized. The
> basic functions of the two programs aren't comparable.
> And finally, one screen--reader may build things in, another may have
> addons. Either way, the trend for years has been for features that have
> increasingly less to do with basic screen-reader function.
> Gene
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> Hi all,

> Jaws has so many bells and whistles now it's like a high-end
> automobile. they put in the OCR feature so they wouldn't have to
> upgrade Open Book. They still haven't done that. Shoot, I can get
> OCR for my PC for a one-time price of $300.00. It stores everything in
> the cloud, and it even parses letters on pink paper.

> I'd like to see a version of Jaws that was just straight forward Screen
> reader, no bells no whistles no extra search features just a plain, old
> screen reader.

> Ann P.

> Original message:
>> You forget the OCR feature, which came to JAWS before any other
>> screen-reader added it.

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