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Pamela Dominguez

Oh, the thought of that! I use the Kurzweil and my scanner for books. It's bad enough scanning a page with my phone, never mind a whole book of pages! Pam.

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Mark, have you tried scanning a book with k n f b reader?

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Well, there is just so much you can do with OCr. Also they have other type
of OCR product as well. Also the KNFB Reader a lot of people is using that
now . Especially since it is on both IOS and Android platform. 99 bucks sure
is much cheaper than OB or KW is. Then the cost of a Scanner on top of that.
Now KNFB reader not a OB or KW . As these has other features that really has
nothing to do with OCR. I myself was looking at getting OB and some kind of
scanner till abut then KNFB Reader came out and then it was so good it was
waste of money to get OB and scanner . not talking about where I was going
to put the scanner. So I now use the KNFB reader and it does 95 percent or
more of what I would have been scanning. So I think things Like a big old
scanner and paying the outrageous price for OCR might have seen most of it
days. Yes there will be market for such A T products as there will always be
someone who want that A T product and of course government agencies and such
buying it for clients. But as more of us start paying out of the pocket I
think you will see people using alternative products that cost much less and
that are main stream products. JST

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Hi all,

Hmmm, perhaps I am equating updating with strong marketing. I haven't seen
any strong push on the part of FS/VFO for OB. It's not mentioned often and
it's not being brought out as a representative of their product line.

Ann P.

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