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Monica Jones

I've been leaning toward NVDA as my primary screen reader, and this only convinces me more. I shouldn't be shocked but I was. I've been reading about this merger all week.

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Hi all,

Carlos, you better be prepared. In coming! In coming! Everyone's
going to want to plunk down their opinion on this one. I'm still half
speechless and shocked. Have at it folks!

Ann P.
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Do we believe that VFO will continue to offer both ZoomText and MagIc,
or both JAWS and Window-Eyes?

Every time there is a merger, that means less options for us, the consumers.

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All I can say right now is wow! This is huge news from the world of
Adaptive Technology and at least for me, very unexpected. I haven't
processed this fully yet to put my thoughts and opinions together on

AI Squared Joins VFO Group, read more here:
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