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I sometimes use a bluetooth keyboard, but mostly these days, I use the built-in braille app for this and for notes. Sometimes I dictate, but when it doesn't work and you have to redo because it didn't come out right, I can't see I saved time.

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You will likely lose your mind with aggravation if you are planning on entering contacts using the default onscreen touch keyboard. I'm sure there are some out there who have the patience for such a procedure, but if productivity is your goal, you're better off using MBraille or an external keyboard for entering contacts. Personally, I simply sync contacts into my iPhone using iTunes and Outlook.


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Hi Group,

Well, I am taking the plunge and getting training in use of the IPhone.
So far it's going reasonably well. I'm learning basic navigation and how to work using voice commands with Siri.

I have one question. Has anyone figured out how to enter contacts into
yhour e-mail client or phone numbers into your contacts list in an
easier method than the problematic keyboard that appears when you get
past the add contact icon?

The person instructing is not an absolute expert in instruction in use
of the IPhone for the visually impaired, and she does not have the
latest software updates. Maybe there's an AP that helps with this?

If I am able to figure out a relatively easy way of adding contacts as
well as favorites for browsing, I will probably be a decent user of the

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