Re: carlos's win-x boot media


but yes win 10 media will boot on a win 8 host system and yes you can
install windows 8 using the media.

On 6/19/16, David Mehler <> wrote:

Thank you Carlos. I appreciate the information, and yes this machine
was purchased with win8 so it's uefi.


On 6/15/16, Carlos <> wrote:
Hello David,

Win7PE can only boot on a system running Windows 8 if it is configured to
boot in legacy BIOS mode. Almost any systems purchased with Windows 8
preinstalled will be configured to boot in UEFI mode. Win7PE is not

of booting in UEFI mode so you will have to use the Win10PE images
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Question, more for Carlos but if anyone else knows this please chime
in. Will the win7 boot images, usb cd etc, boot if the underlying host
is a win8 box? I just tried it and it gave me an invalid signature

Second question, can the win10 boot images if any work in booting if
the underlying host is win8?

I'm needing to do an 8 reinstall on a laptop prior to taking it to ten
as it's windows is corrupted. To that end I'm needing the key off this
laptop. It's about a three year old hp.


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