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Thanks much, I heard some ware that the latest version of dropbox is inaccessible & I am aware of an NVDA ad-on of dropbox. That’s why I’ve decided to ask this. Your reply answers the basics. Can I assume that the desktop client works with the latest version of Jaws by default, or should I use my secondary screen reader that’s NVDA with add-on enabled?

Thanks in advance

On 18/06/2016 8:03 PM, Sylvia wrote:

Hello, dropbox is extremely easy to use. Creating an online account is simple and you won’t have any problems  installing the desktop client.

I hope this helps.





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Subject: [TechTalk] accessibility of dropbox


Hi everyone, I would like to know the accessibility of dropbox. I haven’t used any cloud storage solution yet, but now felt the need of one. As a beginner I want to know the following things related to dropbox, creating an online account, installing & configuring the desktop client & its everyday use. I am using Jaws & NVDA, if that helps.

Thanks in advance

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