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Jeremy <jeremy.richards7@...>

Hi Curtis,

This is a neat little find. If I may, I'd like to ask the following

1. Does the keyboard have all 12 function keys above the number row?

2. I'm assuming there's no numpad to the right of the keyboard, right?

3. Is the FN key on the bottom row of keys to the right, or is it to the
left of the control key?

4. Can you make the task bar show by pressing right winkey+T?

5. Does pressing FN key+U simulate pressing of the Home key?
Does pressing Function key+O simulate pressing the NumPadPageUp key?

6. Assumption, I'm assuming the 6-pack of keys is missing due to space

Don't forget that you can turn on jaws help and press various keyboard
commands to help you determine what the respective keyboard command will do.

Is this the correct link to the keyboard you posted? HP K4000 Bluetooth Keyboard


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Hi all. I just bought and am using a HP4000K bluetooth keyboard, which will
work with either the windows or mac OS. I really like it except one tghing;
I can't find the home / end, insert / delete keys. The keyboard has 2
windows' keys on each side of the respective alt keys, and the function key
which makes a lot of the home keys into number keys is next to left hand
control, but I haven't yet found "delete" or "insert.
Reading the book is a bit daunting since the obvious picture is not there
for a blind person and since I can't see at all, I wonder if someone has a
quick solution to my issue, the function key plus which key or, what? The
f2-f12 keys seem to be above the number row. It is a nice little keyboard
and easy to type on, just need that insert / delete key function. :) I just
bought the same keyboard from Amazon which blind bargains had advertised for
just a dollar more for the taxes, and I got it in one day, so check your
Amazon to see if the same items are available there for just the sales' tax
added and 2-day shipping for prime members means you'll receive it faster
than on that web site which charged just the
$14.99 which I paid plus my California sales' tax. :)---- Curtis Delzer, HS.
San Bernardino, CA

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