Re: Unzipping a RAR file

Jeremy <jeremy.richards7@...>

Hi Veronica,

Try this....

Highlight the file.

Press Windows context menu key or press Shift F10.

Down arrow to 7Zip submenu then right arrow to show options.

Pick from available options, but you will likely want to press enter on the
3rd or 4th option which has the file name. Press enter to begin the
extraction process.

A new folder should be created with the name of the file, and focus will
likely be placed in the folder so you can up and down arrow through the
extracted files.


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Veronica Kirk
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Hi Rob,

Thank you for the suggestion. I have downloaded 7zip, but unless I have
explicit instructions I am not very savvy about how to use a lot of
different programs and this one seems to be a problem for me. If you would
please could you send me instructions as to how to unzip the RAR file,
maybe off list so we would not clutter up the list. My e-mail address is

I could even send you the file that I need to unzip, if you would like.


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Veronica Kirk <veronicaa.kirk@...> wrote:

Could someone please tell me how to unzip a RAR file?
Grab a copy of 7zip from and that will open just about any
compressed format you want.

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