FW: [win10] Windows 10 Anniversary Update preparations: latest happenings from build labs to anticipations #redstone #winten1607 #a11y

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Hi everyone,


Some latest updates on Windows 10 Version 1607 (Anniversary Update) happenings:


·         Free upgrade offer will indeed expire on July 29, 2016 except for specific audiences (in particular, those using assistive technologies).

·         A new tool is being introduced to do a complete clean install of Windows 10 that wipes OEM software.

·         Latest Insider build is in 1437x range (as of June 25, 2016), which includes fixes for feedback provided by Insiders during the last bug bash (a few days ago).

·         You can now tie your Microsoft account to digital licenses in the event you need to install Windows after changing major hardware components (motherboard in particular).

·         Windows 10 Mobile devices with Near Field Communication (NFC) chips can support wireless payments.

·         Due to change in how toasts are displayed, third-party screen readers will not be able to announce toasts automatically (only Narrator does at this time). This problem was reported to Microsoft.

·         For Insiders: Narrator will no longer boost speaking rate in specific situations.

·         A new command (Windows+F) has been added to launch Feedback Hub (a replacement for Windows Feedback and Insider Hub apps).

·         Expected release date of Version 1607 is end of July (around the 29th).


Note that the above update is for those using stable Windows 10 build (10586/Version 1511). Until it comes out, the main avenue for discussing technical matters related to Redstone is Insiders subgroup, with Redstone discussions on the parent list being aimed at preparing people for this upgrade and for Insiders to give you their thoughts so they can help you with the new stable version once released. The next report on Redstone happenings will be sent out in about two weeks’ time.




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