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Please do not act on any of these suggestions until you've actually turned om the Lenovo computer. This is especially true when dealing with the bios as it has become quite intricate in some computers nowadays. Also, when it comes to a laptop, don't simply reformat using Windows media, use the Lenovo installation recovery media as the laptop is very likely to have specialized configured software and hardware to extend the laptop's battery life and performance while under battery use. The ideas suggested to you are now out of date as these concerns are for the most part of no issue in very modern computers.


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as you get the laptop update the bios and do a clean install of windows 10 not from lenovo recovery media but download an iso from microsoft.
this will solve the superfish rootkit problem.
but updating bios before a clean install is required

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Which model? I heard this is the case for IdeaPads and other consumer
product line.



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Oh No!!!

I just purchased a Lenovo laptop.

Now I recall there being several messages, on this list or a similar
list, where the lowly Lenovo was being dissed for privacy violations
or was it bloatware?

Yes, it is new with win 10 , 500 gig hard drive and 4 gig ram. Of
course I'll install the current version of n v d a.

It was 300 Canadian.



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