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Jeremy <jeremy.richards7@...>

I also tried the slipstreaming process, and it ultimately failed, but then
again I didn't try very hard to make it work. :)


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The slipstreaming process is not any more difficult than it used to be, but
it can be tedious and I personally don't usually consider it worth the
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Carlos <carlos1106@...> wrote:
Yes that is possible, but even a typical update not accounting for the
long delay issue can take quite some time after a clean installation.
That's for sure. On average, it takes two to four hours here on a clean
installation of Windows 7. Usually, I start it and then go somewhere else.
And when I get back hours later it's still going.
I haven't bothered slipstreaming updates on installation media. I don't
think it's nearly as easy to do that anymore as it used to be for XP. But I
also haven't looked into it, so I could be wrong.

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