Re: How to search for e-mail Outlook 2007?

Jeremy <jeremy.richards7@...>

While in the Outlook folder containing the email message you sent such as
the Sent folder, try this...

Press F3.

type the person's first name. Make sure you spell correctly.

Wait a few seconds for the search to complete. Press Insert+NumpadPageDown
to determine number of found items.

Press F6 to focus on the list of email messages.

Down arrow through list of found messages. Press enter on an email message
to review it and press Escape key to close the message.

Press Escape two or three times to return to the normal view of the Inbox.


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Subject: [TechTalk] How to search for e-mail Outlook 2007?

Hello all,

I really need helped find the e-mail that I wrote to a friend in February or
April gone . I have outlook Microsoft 2007 when I'm in send items folder I
press f3 then I type a friend first and last name in the box then I press
tabs then press press spacebar I only get one result and that e-mail was I
wrote to a friend this morning but when I press fe again to see if it will
find the e-mail that I wrote to her on April or February gone by pressing f3
I am not getting nothing at all!! I am not doing something right to search
for the e-mail ,Can somebody showed me how to search for the e-mail ? I'm
getting frustrated not doing it right!! Also when I press f3 in send items
folder to try to find a friend name Stacey press tab to search for the
e-mail I only not getting the mail !!


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