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Brent Harding

Yes, and that's what I do now since I've had a bad experience trying to return the rental to Charter when I was leaving their service area for a TWC area 30 miles away. What I never knew then was that one would need transportation 50 miles out of the way to a town my family never goes to, and their system doesn't like them putting the new address for the new apartment in as the shipping address for the return kit. After enough persistence, I finally got it done, but now with my own modem, that won't be happening again.

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Time Warner will allow you to use your own modem/router, but it has to be one on their approved list. They don't particularly try to discourage you from using your own. They do of course tell you they won't provide as much support, but that is fairly standard practice.
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Hi Curtis:

No Time Warner Cable in my Denver bush <smile>!! Purchase a converter box?
Hmm, I certainly hope we can get to that stage before I pack things up and
head into my grave where I can still hope to be able to watch tv and listen
to radio when no one is looking in! Get my drift some?

As for the modem, unless TWC says you can't, I don't see why you can't
purchase a cable router with built-in modem from and other
places. TWC will give reasons why you shouldn't do that; I'm sure you are
familiar with the schpill!! If it doesn't work, we won't troubleshoot it
for you; we can't guarantee compatibility; we won't replace it for you if it
doesn't work ... Bla, bla, bla!

I don't have cable or satellite anything! I'm a horrid child still dancing
on the ceiling with DSL! I'm with CenturyLink at home and, when there
Actiontech modem quit on me, I simply purchased an 802.11AC router by
NetGear from and I am having no problems. I didn't rent the
Actiontech when I had it; I bought it outright from CenturyLink as I didn't
want to pay them $7 each month maintenance fees. I used it for nearly five
years before it died and I think I got my pennies worth out of it.

So, do some checking around on various websites, I'm certain you'll find
something! Good luck and don't watch too much tv unless you're watching a
baseball game for me <smile>!!

Denver, Colorado

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