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While the bounce will stop, the weird tags will still be there. That is, if they move the group. If you change provider, it'll all be good.

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It's a Freelists thing. I used to have one of my groups on Freelists
and the only two members that got redacted appended to their email
address were on AOL. I moved the list to due to all the
bounced email messages that Freelists was causing and the redacted
problem disappeared for the AOL users.

Sugar has two choices she can make.

1. Switch from her current provider to Gmail or other free provider.
2. Get the list owner to move his list to


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I hope yall get it worked out.

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I guess that is true,but the owner has been working with me and I wanted to
be unsubscribed to attempt to fix it and so he has been assisting me ffor
the second day. So it's not that no one liked me or anything like that or
that someone was unhappy with me, it is a server thing I guess, he did put
me back and now he to is upset that it has not gone away.

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I got unsubscribed from a JAWS list, have no idea why. I guess when one is
unsubscribed the owner/moderator is not required to notify with regard to
the transgression. The problem is that we tend to repeat what we do unless
steered in another direction, if our actions are not favorable to others.

Best from,

Carolyn Arnold

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Ok everyone
I have been unsubscribed and subscribed again from this one list and that
thing keeps popping up Does anyone know how to remove it?
It is the only group that it happens to. It is fustrating and it just
ugly and almost like I am a spammer, boohoo I know some has said it is free
list,google yahoo thing but isn't there anyway to get rid of it?
Here is what is shows
(Redacted sender "" for DMARC) I googled it and it
said something about phishing, does not sound good to me I am total lost
with this one so forgive me for my ignorance on this subject.
Very unnerving
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Blessings, Sugar

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