Re: Closing a Face book account

Walter Ramage

Hi.  My account is now gone but it wasn't an easy procedure to do it.  Walter.


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Sent: 30 June 2016 10:14
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Closing a Face book account


I bit the bullet. July 14th, my facebook account is scheduled to be deleted.


I just need to remember not to log in or it’s activated again.


I knew I saved the below email for a reason smile.

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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Closing a Face book account


Hi Walter,


Go to the following link, and click on the question, “How do I permanently delete my Facebook account?”



There are links within this that will take you to where you need to be to request that your account be deleted. If the link does not work for some reason, on the Facebook main page, jump to the bottom of the page and click on the “Help” link and type “how to delete my Facebook account” into the search field. Press enter, and you will have the result further down the page. hth.




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Subject: [TechTalk] Closing a Face book account


Hi guys.  For a while I have had a Face book account but never used it.  I was persuaded by somebody to create an account but I really didn't want it.  It lay dormant for years but it now seems it has been hacked and somebody has uploaded some porn to my account.  Face book has frozen the account but the images are still there.  I got an email from Face book and when I went to the site, they wanted me to verify who I am and the only options they give was to identify photographs of friends, Well for me that is as much use as a crocheted condom.  I'll need to get help with that but once my account is once more active, how do I close the account.  I've tried before but FB make it impossible to do so and I was going around in circles.  Any help with closing this account, and also Linked in would be appreciated.  Walter.




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