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rajmund <brajmund2000@...>

I have it enabled, to move things from the spam to inbox, and besides, it doesn't hurt.

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You don't need IMAP enabled unless you also access your gmail account with a
smart phone.
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Really dumb question, I have both enabled, but using POP. So, the answer
is, nope.
Outlook, (I assume) uses the general gmail settings. So: and check SSL for both.
Although, googlemail will also work, since, its essentially the same
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Subject: [TechTalk] pop settings for gmail

What are the pop settings for gmail to configure in outlook? Google
show, then I also remember using, so I'm
unsure which is the correct one.

Also, real dumb question here, but when I set this up, must I disable imap
and enable pop on the site?

If I do that will that affect my incoming email for my iphone.

I have several email accounts, and I seriously hate the multiple inboxes
with imap, which is why I am looking to configure pop for all my accounts.


Kimsan Song

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