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Flor Lynch

I actually know that there have been at least a fair amount of defections to NVDA from JAWS. How can you expect Jonathan Mosen to dispraise an FS/VFO product, as they are still paying him in fees? (Consultants always tell their customers what they think their customers want to know, which may (or may not) be what the customers actually want to know.)

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From: Gerald Levy
Sent: Saturday, July 02, 2016 11:24 AM
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But now that the parent company of Freedom Scientific and AI Squared owns
both JAWS and Window Eyes and thus has a virtual monopoly in the commercial
screen reader market, what incentive do they have to offer deeply discounted
prices to everyone? They have lucrative contracts with government and blind
rehab agencies that guarantee them a steady income stream, so why should
they care whether or not you can afford their products? And they have
Jonathan Mosen in their back pocket to hawk their products. Of course, he
pays nothing for JAWS or Open Book or any other FS product unlike the rest
of us in exchange for promoting them. In all the years I have been
listening to FSCasts, he has never uttered a negative comment about any FS
product, even though he is now an independent contractor and no longer works
directly for them. You would think that there is so much discontent over
FS's unfair pricing policies that there would be mass defections to NVDA,
but of course, this hasn't happened because for all of its faults, JAWS is
still the best screen reader on the market.


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From: Matt
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I would say different if they sold enough they would make money it might not
be at 75 bucks but it might be at a couple of hundred. . their profit margin
I sure is triple or more on the products. So they could sell to everyone for
some kind of discount. They could sell say 75 bucks for convention goers and
say 175 bucks for non goers. As the one going they could write this off
taxes as advertisement .Also here again they would be making in the long run
money off the SMA which is really just selling the product at a discounted
price instead of making you buy it at full price for the next version. This
is really all SMA is discounted price off the next version. SJMT


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Lynn White
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Maybe it's just a simply fact that Freedom Scientific is helping to promote
people to go to conventions.

It promotes good will and gets people involved. If they sold to every
blind person the discounted price, they wouldn't make any kind of money
at all.

You would then have another screen reader possibly to fall by the wayside.

On 7/1/2016 11:48 PM, Matt wrote:
So if they are paying for the space then that would be even a another
not to give the discount at all . but I sure them paying for the booth at
the convention would come under advertisement and is taking off taxes.
still don't explain why not offer this to everyone not just convention
goers. Like the Blind Bargains (A T Guys) they have a booth and they have
sells as well but it is not limited to just convention goers . To me it
would make sense to offer it to everyone and they would come out in the
run plus help a lot of people. The reason is that in the long run more
likely they would get the people that is buying it would keep the SMA up .
which they make good money off them the SMA itself. Which is a lot better
than it used to be since they lower the price on SMA Two years for 125
is very good and the SMA is on sale at the convention as well but it is
for convention goers. Too me it just don't make sense as they would be
than likely in the long run making money . In fact at 75 bucks I bet they
are still making money as they hope to sell enough they will make money.
just cannot help it I seem to have a problem with this.


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Plus, the vendors at the conventions have to pay or the space that they

Bye for now,


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Well this talks all about convention time. They have some really good
but the thing is it is only for those that goes to the convention. I
personally think this is just so wrong! Why can they not offer this to
everyone!? Like Jaws is just 75 bucks but you have to go to the convention
and be registered. Why not just offer this to all the blind community? To
this just don't seem exactly right! I might be wrong but it should be
offered to anyone who wants it! or any of the products they are selling at
discount. You know not everyone can afford or even get to these places.
here is the podcast below.

FS podcast 128


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