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Probably with a Custom Highlight.  Place the JAWS cursor on a section of text containing the colors you want to be spoken, press JAWS key+F2, and select
"Custom Highlight Assign"
Note that you should leave the JAWS cursor active until you select the
"Custom Highlight Assign"

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How would I make it so that JFW only alerts to a specific color, say, yellow text? At home I couldn't care less, but at work, yellow indicates things that need to be read verbatim, and things can change any time. I've been lucky to not get caught out missing any, but there are a few pesky places where the two different systems have slightly different variations on the required text, one might or might not be the yellow one though.
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For once I'm guessing since I'm not sure about this setting, but you can try the following.
1. Press JAWS key and 6 to open the Settings Center.
2. Press Control Shift D to open the default configuration file.
3. Tab to the treeview and arrow down to
"Text Analyzer"
4. Press the Right Arrow key to expand it.
5. Arrow down to
"Font Changes to Check"
6. Press the Right Arrow key to expand it.
7. Uncheck the items
and possibly
as well depending on how much unwanted feedback you are receiving.
8. Select the
button to close the Settings Center and save the changes.
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Subject: [TechTalk] jaws question!

I just got my computer back working today. I had to have a new power supply put in. now I am back and running on it, but Jaws is now telling me the font and color in messages. very irritating and I cannot find where to change the setting. help please! I really don’t care what font or background there is visible.
thanks in advance! Dave oh, jaws 17 on W8.1

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