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Brent Harding

I would imagine that Google is just eating the rest of the cost and paying KNFB the rest anyways. Otherwise, the two to agree on a deal meeting in the middle on it.

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Did so earlier today and yes, it is true. Google is helping out and
knocking 80% off the full price so one can get it for just $19.99.
Perhaps Apple should follow in Google's footprints?


On 7/3/16, Matt <> wrote:
I have never seen the KNFB reader for 19 bucks and have doubt on that! It is
usually 99 bucks US dollars and when on sale it is usually around 75 bucks .
It might be cheaper on the Android platform but not by a huge amount . I
would doubt this 19 bucks thing. You got an android device go to the google
store and see.

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No you can't IOS and android are 2 different platforms. Google is the reason
why the app is so cheep.

On 7/3/16, Rajmund <> wrote:
So, curious. If you buy the app for android, can you ask for a
transfer, through the KNFB support? Its 50 quid in the UK, even after
the price is lowered, and honestly, I can't believe that the app would
be that great.

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This is true.

On 7/3/16, James Hooper <> wrote:
Someone posted on twitter google is selling knfb reader for 19 bucks
anyone clarify?

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