Re: Ripping CDs in Windows10

Byron Stephens

CDex does provide more versatility with being able to rip to many formats, plus it's very fast. I've used it since my days on the horrible windows milennium in 2003, before I got a better system in the spring of that year.

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I am just getting some type of audible message through Windows10 that I may have assumed was an error message. Jaws is not saying what the message is.

If nothing else will work, I'll use Cdex. Thanks.

On 7/4/2016 3:52 PM, Carlos wrote:
What leads you to believe that there is an error message? Also, if you continue to have problems with Media Player, you can try CDex.
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Subject: [TechTalk] Ripping CDs in Windows10

Each time I insert a cd into the drive, I get an error message that Windows 10 makes; at least I assume that there is some kind of error message.

How do you configure everything in order to rip? I have gone through the steps in Media Player to enable ripping. but it's not working.

Thanks for any help.

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