Re: How frequently do you use the Windows Narrator screen reader? #poll


The screen-reader market is not a typical open market.  This isn't a business where there is real competition.  NVDA is supported by donations and grants.  If Microsoft tried to make a screen-reader roughly equivalent to NVDA and succeeded, where would grants and conttributions come from for NVDA.  Fallacy of composition.  You are considering screen-readers as a typical market situation when they are anything but.  If NVDA was a business and all the volunteer work and the work supported by grants and contributions was assigned its real value, NVDA would be expensive just as any other powerful screen-reader.

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Carlos <carlos1106@...> wrote:
> As I stated in a previous message, I  believe a full-blown screen reader
> would give Microsoft an unfair advantage >
 and might stifle 3rd-party developers.

I don't necessarily agree with that. Whereas apple is a closed platform with
very few options, Windows is (relatively) open; and if there is a built in
screen reader, developers will just work harder to make theirs a better
That's how business works. You work harder to make yours the best option
possible, or you die. Be it a cafe, an audio editing solution, or a screen

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