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There is a big difference! Then a free screen reader and a built in screen reader to the OS! Also till recently NVDA just was not a good alternative to Jaws but it is becoming more and more! I suspect it is putting a hurt on JFW and I would say We did the same as well with it free version! I really just don't see WE making it though now since it has been bought and JFw, We and Zoomtext is all under one roof now. Jaws is not the best screen reader out there but it is the standard for all the others ! So for example if MS came out with Narrator as a full screen reader it would still not right off the bat kill JFW but as it really came more robust it would put a hurting on JFW just as NVDA has ! If NVDA keeps improving like it has I think it will really start to hurt JFw. The problem is you have to shake JFW away from all these government agency and it is hard to do that ! but a built in screen reader that is a sure enough screen reader would do that! Jfw could survive but it would take a lot of cutting on the price and such. Just don't know if they or how much they could stand cutting of the price . I guess they could not give as many updates and as many new version and this would help . but it might hurt as well as bug fixes and such would wait till they did the updates and say it might just be 1 or two a year. Sort of like Apple they don't do a lot of updates when a new version come out they usually do around two to 4 updates just depending and all them don't address Vo issues. JST

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If a free screen reader will kill jaws, then why isn't it dead?

NVDA is out there, it's a good screen reader, and yet jaws survives.

I honestly don't see your side of this, if people like a screen reader enough, then they will get it regardless of the costs.

Also, as someone else commented, what is so bad about one dommenant screen reader if it does everything??? It is true that not every screen reader does everything perfectly, but on the other hand, if this is the case then there is a reason that not all screen readers will disappear.

I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree on this one. The better ms makes narator, the happier i'll be.


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Well that is the problem. Is that most will evently die! As they will not have the funds! Why would you pay 1000 bucks or more for a screen reader when you can get one that is free and built in the system that will do all you want it to do! It will very much hurt JFW. It would more than likely hurt NVDA as people would not donate to it and they needs funds to survive. I can see some that is working and need the features JFW has buying it or getting a government agency to buy it for them but the ones that had to buy out of the pocket would I don't think buy it or keep putting out the SMA every two years. Then when Narrator got really robust and close to JFW then government agency might very well just say why should we buy one when it is built in to the system free! I just don't see this being good. Yes this is the way the business world works the strong survives and I think if narrator got good enough it would kill the other screen readers and they would go out of business and end up leaving us with just one screen reader and if it did not do what you wanted then you would be out of luck, The only one I see could survive a robust Narrator would be NVDA!

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Carlos <> wrote:
As I stated in a previous message, I believe a full-blown screen
reader would give Microsoft an unfair advantage >
and might stifle 3rd-party developers.

I don't necessarily agree with that. Whereas apple is a closed platform with very few options, Windows is (relatively) open; and if there is a built in screen reader, developers will just work harder to make theirs a better option.
That's how business works. You work harder to make yours the best option possible, or you die. Be it a cafe, an audio editing solution, or a screen reader.

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