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He specifically said thatthey were the coowners when he gave up ownership.  He express,ed a number of times after he did so, the desire that he might be the owner again and expressed regret that he had given up the list.  They must have allowed him to take the list back.

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Ah. I see.  Then in that case, he didn't really step down if he kept overall
ownership and if the other two were power hungery as they seemed to be from
what I've heard it is surprising the agreed.  Whatever the case, it is a bit
of a farse and I get the feeling that list will go further down hill unless
he gets to grips with it  Ah well,  whatever will be, will be.  Thanks for
the answer.  Walter.
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Hi Walter,
My guess is that there are two possibilities.  Either Michael retained
actual control of the list the whole time or they were nice enough to give
it back.

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Subject: [TechTalk] Groups ownership

Hi to all .  Can somebody explain to me how it works.  Michael
Capelle handed over ownership and responsibility to two individuals.  I
assume then that they were the owners.  How is it that he could just take
ownership back.  If the two who were involved changed passwords (and I don't
know if they did that) how could mike then take back ownership?  It is kinda
like me handing over my Send Space account to somebody else and if they
change the password etc then how could I take it back.  I know there must be
a straightforward answer but the whole thing sounds a bit bizarre to me.
I'm merely curious as I've never owned a list before and don't know how it
works.  Walter.


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