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Re where the important information will be, it's hard to say as there's no set layout.  In my experience, often the brand or name runs along the length of the battery and either with the middle directly opposite the seam if it's written once or sometimes they write it twice, 1/3 way around from the seam and then 2/3 around (so looking down from the top of the battery, if the seam is at 12 o clock, the name might be written large going from say 4 o clock to 8 o clock, or smaller, at say 3 - 5 o clock and again at 7 - 9 o clock.  How prominent the information about whether it's rechargeable or not is displayed - sometimes it might be in the name of the battery, sometimes in might be in small type near the seam (could be facing any way), or wrapped around near the top or bottom of the battery.

Ok that hasn't helped at all :)

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Yes I think Tap Tap See would help or KNFB Reader or one of the apps like be my eyes or so on will do it.  I think I would start off with TapTapSee and go from there! Or if you have a visual person you can facetime.




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I hope that I can verbalize these questions in a way which makes sense.


Recently several loose (unpackaged) batteries, Double and triple A, got mixed together.  Some are regular alkaline and some are rechargeable and hybrid rechargeables.  I wish to separate these into appropriate groups by using something like Bespecular, Be My Eyes, or possibly the KNFB reader for IOS. 


First of all, I am wondering whether the camera in my I Phone 6 can accomplish this with something as small and curved as a triple A battery.  Second, does the relevant info on the battery go with the curvature of the battery, or is it written parallel to the seam?  I would assume it would be parallel to the seam, but we all know what happens when one assumes.  Also, is the information to be read likely to be near the seam?


Last question for today.  Although I do not have any button batteries whose numbers I need to know, but would my i phone 6 camera be able to identify the numbers on a button battery?




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