A problem with iStick, any suggestions?

Walter Ramage

Hi folks.  Last October/November I bought an iStick.  I didn't know how to use iTunes and I understand it is a complicated way to transfer music from my PC to my iPhone 6and the iStick would be an easier option.  I used the iStick successfully to transfer nearly 2,500 tracks onto my phone and now today I wanted to add some more but when I attached the iStick to my phone the phone didn't recognise it and there was no reaction.  I tried it with my 5c and the same occurred i.e. nothing!  I went to the app store and downloaded the iStick Pro app, by the same developers but that didn't work either.  I was at a loss as to what the problem could be.  The iStick worked fine with my PC as I could transfer all the music I wanted on to it but as I said, the iPhone just didn't recognise it as it once did.  Nothing has happened to the iStick as it has been in it's padded pouch in my drawer so it was, or should I say it is a mystery.  I have a friend who also has the same iStick and an iPhone 6 and I called her and explained my dilemma.  She called me back and told me she has the same problem but her mothers iPhone 5 does recognise the iStick.  It would appear that the latest ios is not compatible with the iStick, or so it would seem.  The latest update to the iStick was the 7th of June this year, so not long ago.  If it has happened to me and has happened to my friend then there must be many folk around the world that has been effected by whatever problem there is and I'm sure like me, they are not happy bearing in mind the iStick I have cost around £115.  Does anybody have any idea of how this can be remedied?  To avoid this email being too long I'll send another asking about an alternative but if anybody does have any idea of how to solve my problem would they please let me know.  With thanks.  Walter.

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