Airmore app, anybody used it?

Walter Ramage

Hi folks.  OK, in my last post I explained the problem I'm having with my iStick.  While trying to find out what to do about it, without success I came across another app that allows one to transfer files to the iphone without using iTunes.  The app is called Airmore.  It would appear you get the app from the app store and install it on the phone.  You then go to the Airmore website and when you get there a qtr code is displayed and you scan it with your phone and then double tap the agree button.  You can then via the PC locate your music and then transfer it to your phone.  The way it is described it does this transfer via WyFy because the emphasise the importance of a reliable internet connection and it would seem the transfer doesn't take long.  The question I have is has anybody heard and more importantly has anybody used this app?  If you have then it would be gratefully appreciated if you would share your experience please.  Things such as is the app fully accessible and is it as easy as described to use.  Any comments welcome.  Walter.


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