Istick problem resolved

Walter Ramage

Hi guys.  Well, I'm happy to say my iStick is now functioning as it should.  The solution to the problem was as somebody said, new drivers were needed to update the firmware.  The procedure isn't very complicated but I didn't do it myself, my computer guy did it for me but he did explain how it was done and how easy it was.  It only took around 10 to 15 seconds to do the whole thing.  However, you will need sighted help if you intend doing it yourself, especially if you use Jaws.  We went to the website and the driver download link as at the bottom of the page The iStick was attached to the PC but when my computer guy clicked on the download link nothing happened.  He unloaded jaws and it worked perfectly.  He just clicked on the link, selected run and the iStick was recognised and selected and a message appeared asking Ready?  He clicked ok and it was done.  When I attached the istick to my phone it saw it and launched the iStick app.  Now, I installed yesterday the iStick Pro app and it was that app that was launched and thus I will need to uninstall the normal iStick app.  I am pleased that it is now working normally.  I hope this is of help to others and thank you to the person who suggested the drivers as being a solution.  Walter.


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