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heather albright

I always wondered how to stop this from happening!  My problem is, for some reason, when I have headphones on and iphone,  try to create an alarm sound last night, it did not go threw the headset but, it went threw the speaker of the phone!  I never had that happen before!  I tried again today when I was testing the sounds, it did not go threw the headset but threw the speakers! So how come the sounds are going to the speakers and not the headset?
73 thanks Heather 

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Sent: Tuesday, September 15, 2015 3:52 PM
Subject: [TechTalk] IPhone settings instructions

Hi Everyone,
I asked this in the apple group, and the answer I got lead me nowhere,
so hopefully I'll have better results here. I'm wanting to set up my
IPhone so that when a notification comes in or the like, that it won't
make the volume of whatever I'm listening to, go down. I thought that I
knew wher to go in settings to change that, but I can't find it, and
even the guy at the apple store didn't know, so go figure.
As a side note one thing I was successful at doing finally today was to
set up my bank of america app on the IPhone, and that sure made me a
happy fellow. Yes, I know, simple pleasures.
Many thanks,
Bill K.

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