Questions on the iPhone music folder

Walter Ramage

Hi everyone.  As I've mentioned before I use the iStick to put music onto my iPhone.  When I was inquiring about ways to do this without using itunes the iStick was one method mentioned and another was a free transfer tool Apandora.  To use Appandora one must first have iTunes installed although Itunes is never activated, Appandora just uses the iTunes drivers.  I've now installed iTunes and also Appandora on my spare computer and when I'm in an adventurous mood I'll try using it to place music in the iPhone's default music folder.  However before I attempt this I'd like to ask a couple of questions about the iPhone music folder.  When playing music in that folder, what controls does one have; i.e. rewind, fast forward, pause, play, shuffle etc?  Where are those controls located on the screen and are they easy to find?  I've downloaded an app from the app store that should work with the music in the iPhone music folder and that app is a crossfader.  On the face of it, it is accessible but I won't know how effective it is until I Get music in the iPhones music folder.  Finally, is it true that any music in the iPhone's music folder is not considered part of the data when it comes to the iPhone backing up?  In other words because I have in my iStick app 15gig worth of music and Apple only allow 5gig of free storage my iPhone won't back up.  But if I have all that music in the iPhone's music folder then will it back up as normal when I delete the files in the iStick app?  Any information would be valued, with thanks.  Walter.



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