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heather albright

Their boes wired! Heather

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Just curious what type of headphones are you using?  I mean are they
wired with or without phone controls or are they Bluetooth?
On 9/15/2015 2:23 PM, heather albright wrote:
> I always wondered how to stop this from happening!  My problem is, for
> some reason, when I have headphones on and iphone,  try to create an
> alarm sound last night, it did not go threw the headset but, it went
> threw the speaker of the phone!  I never had that happen before!  I
> tried again today when I was testing the sounds, it did not go threw
> the headset but threw the speakers! So how come the sounds are going
> to the speakers and not the headset?
> 73 thanks Heather
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>     Hi Everyone,
>     I asked this in the apple group, and the answer I got lead me
>     nowhere,
>     so hopefully I'll have better results here. I'm wanting to set up my
>     IPhone so that when a notification comes in or the like, that it
>     won't
>     make the volume of whatever I'm listening to, go down. I thought
>     that I
>     knew wher to go in settings to change that, but I can't find it, and
>     even the guy at the apple store didn't know, so go figure.
>     As a side note one thing I was successful at doing finally today
>     was to
>     set up my bank of america app on the IPhone, and that sure made me a
>     happy fellow. Yes, I know, simple pleasures.
>     Many thanks,
>     Bill K.

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