A big thank you to an unknown person and a question

Walter Ramage

Hi all.  Last year when I was thinking about getting an iStick I asked if anyone on the list knew anything about them.  I really didn't want to use iTunes under any circumstances and thus the iStick.  However a person posted with information regarding a programme that allows one to transfer music from my PC to my iPhone's default music folder without using iTunes.  It has taken all this time before I could get around to trying it and today I gave it a go, With success!  I've transferred over 2,500 mp3 files to the iPhones music folder and I didn't to my joy have to use iTunes.  In addition I got a media mix app from the app store that allows me to crossfade my music and I'm pleased with the result.  So, to that person who gave me instructions on how to use Appandora, a huge thanks.  I now have two ways to put files on the iPhone without having to use iTunes.  Now for the question, or really after I begun this email, I thought of a second question!  First in the iPhone's music folder, how do I change pages?  I have over 2,500 music files there now and they are on quite a lot of pages but I don't know how to change pages in that folder.  The second question is; I have been lead to believe that the music one has in the iPhone's music folder does not impact on the back up storage space.  I have the free 5gig storage but because I had 16gig worth of mp3 files in my iStick folder, the phone wouldn't backup.  When I delete them will the phone now backup?  Even with 16gig worth of music in the music folder?  I hope somebody will have the answers to these questions.  Walter.

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