Re: Request Windows 10 search instructions

Ann Parsons <akp@...>

Hi all,

the search feature in Windows7 through Windows10 is what used to be called in the Linux World, an incremental search. Here's how it works.

If you are searching for a file called my_song_recording.mp3, you start typing this into the search box. As you type, the computer starts searching for files starting with my and continues as you add more of the file name. the key here is not to press enter after you finish tyuping. I repeat, do not hit enter after typing. If you do, the incremental search will stop!

The * (star) is still and has always been your wild card, so you could type my_song*.mp3 and it would still find your file, providing you don't stop the search by hitting 'enter'.

Wait a bit, and then arrow down to see the list of what the 'puter found.

Ann P.

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