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Monica Jones

Carlos, thank you for the Jaws link. If I do a search for the words, windows ten, I suppose this will give me a link for he install? thanks bunches.

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It should basically be a matter of following the prompts. You will be given
the choice of keeping the programs you have installed during the upgrade
process. And if you are running JAWS, you should follow the instructions
before you proceed with the upgrade.
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Make sure you have the latest version of your screen reader and check to see if they have any advice for upgrading to Windows 10.

For example, Window-eyes 9.1 or earlier will not run on Windows 10, I think the same holds true for JAWS 15 or below.
If you are running NVDA, you probably have the latest version.

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Subject: [TechTalk] Upgrading to windows 10

Hi Carlos and list,

I want to upgrade a w-7 computer to windows 10, but since I do not feel
confident enough to do it myself, I am going to have a sighted relative
do it for me. However, she is not really that confident about doing it
either, so what I would like to know is it going to be as simple as just
following the prompts? Also, the programs I have on the windows-7
machine will they be on the windows-10 update? I apologize for these
stupid questions, but all of you on this list are my teachers. Thank
you for all suggestions.


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