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James Bentley

Hi rajmund,

Just out of curiosity, What brand are these SD cards?


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LOL, I have 2 SD cards, that have lost the right protect switch.
So, I can't delete anything off them. And, I can't add, either.
Although, that's
secure, I suppose.
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Well at least your BARD books are retrievable. I always back,
back and triple back items. I had too many crashes and lost too
information between about 1995 and 1997 not to be overly
cautious. You
could have backed up all your ap installers, your books, your
other full
installers, your e-mails or anything else you had on a separate
card or
even on an external hard drive associated with your home computer
system. That's the way to go to make sure these types of
matter how annoying--don't turn a crisis into a complete

On 8/31/2015 9:01 AM, Beth wrote:
Dear List,
So I find out the bad news: my android phone treats me like
First goes my internal storage, then I had moved a crap load of
media, and Bard books for heaven's sake to an SD card, then it
show the dang SD card till I erased EVERYTHING!!!!!!! Oh no! Now
apps are gone! I want to kill the man who invented erasing data.
Can I
also take a swipe at Cricket? My phone provider really doesn't
that this little bitty Moto phone has not enough storage, and
destroyed my SD card data! Oh God!
It's like, where have all my Bard books gone? I forgot my
Netflix password, and one thing you should know about me: I
remember passwords worth anything. So yeah, there went my
Facebook app
as well. 500 mb's of data. Gone! Now I have to reinstall all
my crap.
What can I do to make this better!
Big question is: how do you initially install stuff onto an SD
from the Android phone?
Anyway, just wanted to know and let you all know I"m mad as Hell
at my
phone, couldn't remount the stupid card. Ugh.

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