Printer Recommendations

Gerald Levy

Okay,so I turned on my Samsung ML2010 monochrome laser printer, and it powered up normally.  But I adjusted the print cartridge and turned it off and on a couple of times, and now it’s totally dead.  I get the connect and disconnect sounds when I turn it on and off, respectively, but there is absolutely no fan noise or any other sign that it is working, so I must have done something to it.  And of course, it doesn’t print.  So now I’m in the market for a new monochrome laser printer.  Can anyone recommend a monochrome laser printer that is usable without sighted help?  I’m not interested in an all-in-one printer, just a basic laser printer for occasional printing jobs that preferably has a toggle power switch and does not have an LCD screen with menus that would be totally inaccessible and has a cartridge that is easy to replace by touch.  Please provide specific brands and model numbers.  Thanks.

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