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Carolyn Arnold

Making my own template works fine for me.

It is easy.

Just make the document Landscape, clear the tabs, type in your return address if you want to. I hit Enter about six times before saving, so that by going to End, I'm going to be in the right place, but I always check my position to make sure. So far, it has not failed.

Bye for now,


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I just downloaded Envelope Printer Lite and discovered two major problems. First, when you type a delivery address into the first edit field, JAWS announces “*” each time a character is typed, as if a password is being entered, which makes it difficult and confusing to enter the address correctly. You would have to type the entire address and then go back and proofread it for mistakes, which is a real nuisance. There does not seem to be any way to change this behavior so that JAWS announces each character and word normally as they are being typed. Secondly, the delivery address is limited to four lines, which is a problem if the adressee is a business address which can often contain five or even six lines. Looks like I’ll pass on this one.


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The only accessible standalone application I have found for printing envelopes so far is one called Envelope Printer Lite.
When the program first opens, it always places focus in the edit field for typing the delivery address. If you tab once, focus will be placed in the return address field. It will remember the return address between sessions after one is typed. The labels for these two fields are not spoken, but since the program always opens with focus in the delivery address field and the tab key cycles between the delivery and return address fields, this seems like a minor inconvenience. The program has a standard menu bar which is also accessible. Note that I have no prior experience with this program, I just found it by performing a quick search.

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Hi Gerald, I've looked and looked for a similar program. I had a copy of Office 97, and it has a envelope printer in there that works well. I don't know if you can find a copy on eBay or another source or not, but it does the job one envelope at a time.

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Good morning, gang. Can anyone suggest an easy-to-use free program for printing envelopes that is accessible with JAWS? Thanks.


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