Google Voice Phone Service Set-up Steps

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Hi All,
The 2 different sets of steps below will get you started in the right direction:

From: Mike B.
You'll need to have a Google account / email address for the steps below to work.  You can sign in 1st, or later.
1. Go to the Google Homepage.
2. Arrow down to Google apps, & press enter to open this list of apps.
3. Now press, control + F, to start the Jaws find dialogue.  Type in  *voice *, without the spaces or stars, & press enter.
4. You will be taken here:
Arrow down 1 time to, Voice, & press enter.  This will take you to the Google Voice set-up page.
I did not complete the Voice set-up process, so I can't go any further.
You might be able to bypass the steps above by clicking on the link below:
Voice Set-up Link:

Take care.
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I'm popping this out to its own topic.  It's been a few weeks since I last snagged one of these, so I can only give a limited degree of detail.

Of course, you have to have a Google account with which the number can be associated, so if you don't then grab yourself a Gmail address/Google Account first.

These are free, and you can call local and long distance in the United States and Canada without charge.

Start at

It does not involve captchas, but you do have to have another phone or cell phone available so that they can call or text with a 3-digit (it might be 4) code you have to enter during the setup process that essentially proves a human being is trying to snag one.

You may or may not be able to get a number in your own city or area code.  In any case there are plenty of options left, but you may have to take a number not related to your actual physical location in any way.  I set my cousin up with one when she was staying with her sister and had no cell service, but had WiFi.  I had to pick an area code on the east coast to get the phone number I wanted (for memory's sake).  If you make your request based on a digit sequence you'd like in the number you pretty much always get a list of potential picks that may be anywhere in the USA if you were thinking physical location of an area code.

There's not much more I can offer at the moment.  I've never tried to go through the setup process with anyone with a screen reader and I don't do this often enough to have remembered each and every step.

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