Re: File explorer help needed


Just go back to the view menu and put it on details, or list. And stop
messing around. Lol.

If it aint broke, don't fix it. Lol...
Kimsan Song

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So, here's the story. A few hours ago, when I pressed the applications key,
I got things like 7zip menu, another similar app, which, I can't spell, cut,
copy, send to, so on. After playing with control folders from the run
dialog, and no, no clues what I did, I now get things like group sub menu,
sort sub menu, and so on. After trying to put it back how it was for the
last 40 minutes, I'm afraid I'm lost. Anyone knows what setting? I know its
either in general or view tab, not search. LOL, not much, I know. Thanks for
all help.

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