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There may be but if this is, and you are sure it is, a false positive, it would be far better to learn how to temporarily turn off protection.
It is better to learn this because you may encounter false positives in the future about web sites or files you wish to run that are already on your machine or on web sites.  Also, some software requires you to turn off protection during installation. 
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Subject: [TechTalk] help downloading nvda please



I am trying to download the latest nvda 2016 version, for some unknown reason avira my antivirus is blocking the website so I am not able to download the files, is there another place where I can get the downloads please?




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Hi Carlos, Gene, & JR,


The Vipre Search Guard Toolbar isn't anywhere in manage Toolbars / Add-ons.  It cannot be activated, I'm assuming anyways, because the toolbar doesn't exist, but only the name is in the toolbar list.  I've ran the Junkware Removal Tool & AdwCleaner, without anyluck in removing it.  When I removed Vipre I used Revo to rip it out by the shorthairs so I wouldn't have anything left over, but apparently it didn't get everything!  LOL  LOL 


Well, it's not bothering anything so I'll just leave it be.  Thank y'all very much for your help & suggestions.

Take care.
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It is likely within IE Tools > Manage add-ons. I would first right-click and
disable to make sure nothing weird happens, then fully remove.


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Hi All,
Running Windows 7 64 bit & Jaws 16.  I have the following toolbar showing, &
would like to know how I can delete it.
VIPRE Search Guard Toolbar
I no longer have Vipre installed, so would someone please tell me how to get
rid of unwanted toolbars?  All help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks
mooy moocho.
Take care.
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