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Jeremy <jeremy.richards7@...>

Hi James,

The information you posted below is very accurate. :) Actually, I tried to resolve the sound issues by deleting Realtek entries from within programs and Features, and if you recall, this little Dell laptop is a bit of a pit-bull as it once again automatically installed the Realtek utility at next boot up. I also tried to turn off various options within device manager, Task manager, MSConfig, etc, etc to no effect.

As we discussed before you called FS, I also agree with FS that JAWS is not likely the cause in this instance, but it's always a smart idea to get a second opinion from the actual developer. :)

As far as devoting my time to helping others, as I conveyed yesterday, I would rather take as much time as necessary to properly configure a new computer rather than leaving someone hanging. For me, the nagging computer oddity will not leave me alone for the remainder of the day if not the next few days, so making sure all is properly working is very important. In the end, yes, properly configuring a brand new computer takes time, but at least one is left with 0 problems and can use their new computer for productivity rather than spending days sorting out issues. There is nothing worse than one's excitement at a new computer turning into a nightmare of endless frustrations.

Thank you James for the courage, patience, and trust in my abilities as I tried to resolve this issue. Unfortunately, this sound issue has left me a bit puzzled, and I would try more aggressive troubleshooting, but this is not my computer, so I'm not going to take risks with someone else's machine. :)

You seem very happy with this laptop, but if you're considering the upgrade to Windows 10 anniversary release, this may solve this issue as your laptop will have a pristine version of Windows 10 without the Dell soundcard bloatware. Then again, Dell's built-in performance utilities will also not be available to you, so who knows what the Windows 10 upgrade will do to the overall performance of the laptop, so I'm suggesting this upgrade option as a last resort before returning the laptop to Dell. :)


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Hi Jeremy and everyone,

OK, I admit that I didn't try to go past the dialogue warning me that my computer lacked the necessary Direct X files to install WinAmp. I thought that if it said you can't do something, then, you can't do it with out messing something up. But, I am learning. Jeremy just ignored the warning and installed WinAmp with no problems. I will never forget that one.

As far as help from Jeremy goes. He spent another five hours plus installing software, providing training, and trying to fix sound problems with a new Dell laptop again yesterday morning. His determination to discover and resolve problems is really amazing. I am still surprised that he was willing to give up so much of his personal time.

Dell apparently has some kind of their own forced updates that monitor our system and make changes as they desire. For a Jaws user, we need to turn off all of the enhancement features in something called Pro Max Audio by Waves or the sound quality becomes horrible soon after installing Jaws.
Jeremy turned off these services by deleting their processes in system config but they always turned back on. I should say that at least, I think it was called system config.

Dell tech support has remoted in to my system 3 times now and turned off all of the sound enhancement features and the changes reverted back to their original settings in minutes. I don't know if it is Jaws corrupting files or if Dell automatic updates is changing the enhancement settings back to their original state. But I will get back with Dell again today and beg, cry, and plead to get them to just delete the programs or processes that are making changes to my system. It sounds so fine when it is working right.

I've talked with VFO tech support and they claimed to be aware of rare problems and they are certain that Jaws is not at fault.

MS Accessibility tech support also remoted in to the laptop and turned off all of the Max Audio sound enhancements but they reverted back to their original state in less than an hour.

So, I guess I go back to Dell again today. I will try again to get Dell to turn off the auto updates, if that is even what it is called. Their tech support personnel do not speak English very well. They seem to only be trained to do very basic things like installing printers, scanners, etc.
Jaws users get left with what sometimes seems like no possible resolution.
I guess that's because we are just a tiny fraction of the population.

Everyone wish me luck. And, Its very important to me to make certain that all list members who offered assistance to me, especially Jeremy, Most especially Jeremy, are aware of my gratitude for their time and efforts to help. And, Jeremy, or anyone, feel free to clarify any thing in this post that may not be 100% accurate.



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During the installation on James' new computer, the directX message popped up, but I simply press enter on Ok and I continued to setup Winamp for best accessibility. Winamp 5.666 is now working flawlessly on Windows 10!


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Hello Gene,

A list member had a link to a more recent version of Winamp. He assisted me with the instalation.

I thought that it mattered because I wasn’t able to get through the install without the Direct X. But, now that doesn’t matter any more. Perhaps I wasn’t as precise as I should have been, concerning not being able to complete the install.


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Does it even matter? It appears, from the little I've read, that Direct X is mainly used for games. I don't see why Winamp cares what version of Direct X is used, but why should playing an audio file matter at all in this respect?

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Subject: [TechTalk] Help with locating and installing WinAmp 5.65 on W10

Hello everyone,

I just tried to install WinAmp 5.65 Pro on W10 64 bit. I found the 3 to 4 year old, application that I was trying to install on one of my computers.

During The install, the dialogue requested that I go to MS to download the latest version of Direct X. I went to the link given by the installer and it just went to the MS home page.

So, I am hoping for assistance with one of two things.

1. Locate the correct Direct x download. Or:

2. Does anyone have a link where I can find the most recent version of WinAmp that won’t ask me to download things that I don’t know how to find?
Preferably, Version 5.65.

Many thanks,


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