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Jeremy <jeremy.richards7@...>

When using a smart phone with a touch screen, not everyone will struggle as
Gene has struggled in his message below. The VIPhone list is a user list
made up of about 2500 iPhone users. This is a very large list, and I can't
recall anyone ever complaining that a touch screen is overly difficult or
impossible to use. Yes, there is a learning curve, but it also exists for
the new Windows computer user or new Apple computer user.

There are some who will not have the need for a smart phone, but for those
who do, just take a look at the apple vis website to learn the immense
freedom and accessibility one achieves from using a touch screen phone such
as the Apple iPhone.

Gene is completely in the extreme minority when he makes his statements
regarding the iPhone and such. If you go to any center for the blind or
vision impaired, the iPhone will be just about omnipresent at these
locations regardless of age. I should also add that there is also a learning
curve with the dumb phones Gene suggests. I have both of these types of
phones, and using my Samsung Haven was so slow and tedious that I did only
use it for phone calls, but when I began using an iPhone, my world opened


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It depends on what you mean by a life time. With practice, I would estimate
that a letter would take roughly a second to write if it requires pressing a
number three times, less if you press a number one or two times. I would
much rather take the time to write the very small number of texts I write in
this way than spend the large amount of time learning to use a touch screen
phone. Since I have no interest in using a smart phone and I only want a
phone for occasional calls and occasional texts, I would rather spend more
time when texting. It makes no sense to talk about the added time needed
for texting unless you compare it to the time it takes to learn to use a
smart phone and to use a touch screen unless you are going to use an
external keyboard.

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Ok that is what I thought so writing a message like, hey honey can you pick
up some milk, eggs and pampers on your way home would probably take a life
time I assume.

Kimsan Song

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Carolyn Arnold
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Right - 2 ABC. 2 four times equals 2, as the number 2. It has a telephone
dial - great little flip phone. It does have Internet capability, but I have
not used that feature. It has Voice Command. I really don't know how to use
that other than to listen to a telephone number of a contact.

Bye for now,


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Does this phone have a qwerty keyboard?
Just curious if not, how long does it take to send a text.
If memory serves,
2 = A B C, 3 = d e f, so you have to press the corosponding button to the
letter for every word. Crap, I'm not sure how to word my question, so I'll
just say explain how you send a text.

Kimsan Song

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I was afraid that doing it without speech would not work and am so glad that
you got help now. All you have to do, if the phone has been powered off, is
press that middle square, when it asks if you want full read out on.

If you want to use Voice Command, press the long button above the 2 for a
couple of seconds, and it will ask you to give a command. It might take a
little bit of adjustment of the phone to your voice and accent. I don't use
it for anything other than to read a phone number from my Contacts.

Bye for now,


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Thanks but it did not work. Luckily I was with my nephew last night and he
was able to help me get the phone talking so all is fine.

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From: Carolyn Arnold
Sent: Tuesday, August 2, 2016 10:43 AM
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Marie, I was hoping someone more sure than I am would answer your query. Try

1. Open your LG Revere 3 phone.
2. Press the middle button, which is the menu. I am assuming that you have
no speech, so from here, be very careful.
3. Press 9. That will put you on Access.
4. Press the menu square again; it should be at Full Read Out.
6. Press menu again, and see if it starts talking.
7. Then you'd have to press the menu square again to save your changes.

From then on, whenever your phone is powered off, when you turn it on, it
will ask you if you want Full Read Out restored. Just press the menu square.

Good luck. I hope this helps. I just feel so insecure doing something like
this without a clue.
Bye for now,


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Sent: Monday, August 1, 2016 12:04 PM
Subject: [TechTalk] LG Revere 3

I am moving from a Revere2 to the Revere3 for my backup phone. A while back,
someone posted directions for turning on the speech without sighted help
when you first get the phone. I thought I had saved the message but am not
able to find it. So if anyone remembers the directions, could you please
Thanks, Marie

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