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Yes, at times poor information is conveyed by those who have never used Windows 10 and believe their general assumptions on the matter are correct. Rather than to wait for someone to come along and show some mercy and answer one's question, it is much better to run a Google search from a reliable source such as Microsoft.

If the Windows presentation referred to below is the same one I heard, that was a poor presentation. It consists of lots of what I consider rambling and very poor sound quality in terms of how the content was presented. One doesn't talk over a screen reader when making a presentation such as this one, nor does someone repeatedly move away from the microphone.


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I listened to about the first half of the accessible world presentation by Joseph Lee. The only problems he spoke of that I recall were if you were using a version of a screen-reader that doesn't support the new Windows version. When there are changes in Windows, there is a lot of inaccurate and incorrect information spread around the blind computer using community. Be very very careful what sources you believe at such times. I'm not saying the bad information is intentional, but I'm saying that it exists.

I'll believe such information as I see from Joseph Lee and a few other select and reliable and knowledgeable group. I'll be suspicious of most information.

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Although it sounds as if she is referring to problems with the anniversary update, not the current version. The question then becomes, what is the source of the claims for these problems? You can defer the update on the Professional edition, but that is the best you can probably manage without completely disabling updates.

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Question, what problemns are you referring to with respect to Windows 10? I have been running 10 for several months now with little or no problems at all? BTW, I am running the latest version of Window-Eyes on an AMD 29.1 GHz system with 4 gig of ram and a 1 Gig HD. Just interested in what all of these problems are with 10? Just thought I would ask since I have had none of these. Catch Ya All Later! de


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Hello, I wanted to know if I can make my pc not upgrade to the latest windows ten version! It is set for automatic updates! I have been hearing about all the problems with the new update and wanted to wait to download it when it fixes itself out! I am running windows ten home on my desktop and it windows 10 professional on my laptop! Thanks, Heather

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