Re: Google Nexus


I think Odin Mobile, the cell phone company for the blind offers the Nexus.


On 9/16/15, Jeremy <> wrote:
The best thing to keep in mind with a nexus device is that it's running
a Rom that's straight from Google. This doesn't necessarily indicate
that it will be more accessible, but Nexus is a really good place to
start for the latest accessibility fixes there. I've herd some good
things about the UI used on Samsung devices to, like the galaxies, but,
you should really talk to someone who's familiar with using one to get
an idea of any differences. Also know that if you're using a Nexus
device, you should receive updates to new versions of the OS before the
other providers. A really awesome place to ask questions and possible
help from someone using Android is the eyes free group. I don't have the
contact details, but be aware that it can be a pretty high traffic list.
Take care.

On 9/16/2015 9:24 PM, Pablo Morales wrote:

HI all,

I am looking for information about the accessibility of nexus phones.
I understand that talk back works better in nexus phones than in other
brands. I have an iPhone 5s now, but I am getting tired of the market
place that my iPhone has become. I am tired of iTunes, and the way
that apple has push me as a customer to update mandatory my phone,
when the IOS has bunches of bugs, I am getting tired of the
limitations that I have as a smart phone, using the hermetic apple
system. I have had enough of all of these issues. I
would like to research alternatives, and I heard that nexus is a good
choice when it comes to accessibility.

Thanks guys,


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